All Before Noon...

What? It's five o'clock somewhere... We had a Napa Wine train trip reserved for 6. They had a full bar. The End.

Sadly... this occurred...

I felt really sick after my lunch. But, still managed to chomp down a chocolate cake. I figured I wasn't used to my medium (um... rare?) steak. No - the infusion set on my pump bent in half, thus causing any insulin I gave from 10 am to 4:00 pm to not be distributed to my blood stream. So of course, I feel like ass driving home from Napa. Get stuck in severe traffic in Dixon. Can't figure out why my face feels numb. Pull over. WTF???!!!!! Thank goodness I had a few left over shots with me. I am still stuck in traffic! I'm gonna go Keto in my car! [minor panic attack]

Call M. Get traffic update. Clears up in Davis. I am stuck behind every.slow.driver.in.Sacramento. [/end panic attack.] Start doing 85 on freeway... or at least I try. Finally get home. M has the garage door already open and my supplies on the table.

Blurred vision, no desire to eat, downed a half gallon of water... and still made it to Firehouse for my lesson with Ben.

And I'm still over 300. Argh!!!

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